Sales & Marketing Deparment

Largely divided into domestic and overseas sales, the department consists of sales management, online sales, offline sales, B2B sales and overseas sales.
Each team determines short and long-term sales strategies, analyzes sales performance, and sources products that will appeal to each team’s target customers.
Members of each team promotes the growth of sales and customer retention by planning strategies that lead to effective and successful sales performance.

  • Sales Management
  • Online Sales
  • Offline Sales
  • B2B Sales
  • Overseas Sales

Strategic Sourcing Team

The team evaluates the market to find out needs of various customers and take that into developing new products and contents.
One of the responsibilities of the team is to stay abreast of market and customer trends in order to develop a new product for each brand which is a long journey a product takes from conception through to sales for a successful launch.
The team is responsible for the whole process of commercialization which includes but is not limited to working with various business partners, and everything that is required before it is finally brought to market.
As part of the strategic sourcing team, one of the important qualities required is agile thinking and problem-solving skills in order to consciously and actively responds to rapidly-changing industry trends and to tackle problems in effective ways throughout the process
Based on those skills, the team as a whole identifies customers’ needs and provide best solutions by correctly defining a problem and delivery new product to market on budget and on schedule.

  • Strategic Sourcing Team

Design / Research / Development

The team develops design strategies to manage each brand and expand its product line.
From product design, development to manufacturing, the team takes the role of managing a project such as product development, content development, brand extension, and brand renewal.
The team manages the whole design process from the very first step when a new product design is created and reviewed until a prototype goes thorough iteration and final testing.
What is also important is effective communication in and between teams including QC, and logistics team in order for the project to be successful.

  • Product Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Circuit Design
  • Brand Design
  • Visual Design
  • Content Design

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